How we can help

Legal Help 4 Integration can provide assistance with questions on education, employment and company start-up in Sweden. Advice can also be provided on certain contract law issues.

Examples of the assistance available include:

Company start-up

  • Information on the different types of companies possible to set-up in Sweden;
  • Information on the requirements to start-up a new company and the ongoing requirements to run a company in Sweden; and
  • Information on employing others to work for your company.


  • Information on employee rights, such as salary and compensation, working hours and holiday entitlement;
  • Information on dismissal from employment; and
  • Information on discrimination at work and anti-discrimination laws.


  • Information on your right to education and on discrimination in education; and
  • Information on how to convert, or to have recognised in Sweden, degrees and other qualifications already obtained in other countries.

Legal Help 4 Integration does not provide advice on or assistance with the following:

  • Tax and accounting issues;
  • Criminal law issues;
  • Representation in criminal or civil law proceedings; or
  • Asylum law issues, asylum applications and appeals, residence permits or reuniting asylum seekers with their families.